Facebook Banner Ad Design

While Facebook seems to be ever-restless when it comes to what exactly is it that they allow or discourage when it comes to advertising on their network, having a decent level of positive or even neutral exposure on a platform with the number of users that Facebook has will never be a bad thing for your business.

Facebook banner design requires not only a keen eye, creative mind and intimate knowledge of how the human psyche works, which are all prerequisites for any kind of banner design or branding activities in general, it also demands that you know how people interact with the platform, and what they are willing to take away from it.

While majority of Facebook users are not there to do business, the right kind of presentation will still get their attention, possibly even make them engage with your brand.

We have been designing Facebook banners and banner ads for a while now and know not only what the status is when it comes to what Facebook likes and dislikes, but also what it is likely to like down the foreseeable timeline. More importantly, however, we know how to reach its users, how to tell your story in a voice just gentle enough to be heard, but never obtrusive, and images that pop but never make you recoil. So contact us today, and buy a bigger rolodex, your friends list is about to get longer.

The psychology of advertising tells us how people respond to the correlation of colours and shapes. Here at 20dollarbanners, we’ve had a chance to thoroughly study, apply and observe the traffic flow resulting from our techniques, and we can proudly say that our methods are proven to deliver results. We keep the content packed with personal messages, always with an emphasis on the final, positive product presented through the story of your business, and by doing so, we’re helping your audience identify with your company and increase your brand visibility.

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